About Gearhex Studios

Gearhex Studios came into conceptual being between the years of 2011 and 2015. We are a small indie-games studio and online community who works tirelessly to create the best content that we can for our consumers.

We are a digitally based team, that collaborates remotely from places all around the world from the United Kingdom to the United States.

We value motivation, enthusiasm, freedom, cooperation and passion and strive to embrace those values in all of our work. Our dedication to you drives us forward, to produce better quality indiegames for everyone to enjoy. We have many new games that will be released soon and we hope you enjoy playing them as much as we enjoyed making them.

Yours truly,
Gearhex Studios


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Our Team

A full list of Gearhex Studios Executive Directors, Game Developers, Server Administrators and Moderation Staff.

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   Executive    Board


Executive Board




Founder, Partner, Project Manager

My name is Luke and I am in charge of everything. I handle our projects, our company and everything in between.



Founder, Partner, Business Director

Hey, I'm Nich, Im the founder of Gearhex Studios and take care of the business aspects.



Artist, Animator, Audio Engineer

Hello! I'm Noah Heilveil, I am the lead artist and a Co-founder of Gearhex Studios, here I make art and sound!



   Game    Devs


Game Devs




I'm a programmer. I'm the one who does the thing that makes the things do the thing, you know?


Creative Visionary, Writer

I'm a level designer, I envision the worlds and levels. I also write stories and scripts for our games.


Programmer, Artist, Level Designer

I mostly program, level design and write music - mostly guitar. I love futbol.


Developer, Programmer

What's up, I'm kyle, I'm a programmer and software developer for Gearhex Studios.


   Server    Admins

Server Admins


Ryan H

Systems Admin

I'm a programmer and I mostly code in Java and help manage the system hardware.

Ryan K

Systems Admin

I'm responsible for our website hosting and system security.


Server Host

Hi there, this is a short description about me.


   Mod    Staff


Moderation Team


Discord Moderation Staff will be updated soon. Please check back later.


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